The Madness has begun! Dayton beats Ohio State!

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Busted Tees has this set of cookie cutters shaped like tetrominoes from the classic video game Tetris. Seven different shapes are available in this officially licensed set that will only run you $13. 


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That people who are any other fan of an NFL team other than the Denver Broncos are talking shit. Yeah they looked like shit during the Super Bowl, but I’d rather say My Team was at least in it, that say that they didn’t even make it. Doesn’t make sense.



Helmet-cam video of the Denver Broncos’ skydiving team parachuting into the stadium for the AFC championship game. (via SI’s Extra Mustard)

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The GQ Cover Story: Katy Perry

Not very long ago, she was strumming a guitar on the street and getting paid in avocados. Today she’s the most cartoonishly ubiquitous pop star on Earth. Katy Perry gives Amy Wallace an earful about aliens (real), her world-famous body (real), her “relationship” with Obama, and what the hell she was thinking before she went full geisha at the American Music Awards.

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Well. This is my first post. So far tumblr has been aight. Got my first spam message which is typical from a social media site I guess. Saw a profile of some naked chicks which caught me by surprise. And only took me about 2 hours to set up a good looking page. Soo lol, all in all I guess it’s definitely different the a Facebook or (my personal favorite) Instagram. I do love to blog though, so this should be fun. Few questions I do have though… 1) Do hashtags even work on this shit? 2) Where do they draw the line on censorship(cause I ain’t tryin to see nasty shit 24/7 all over Tumbler)? 3) Can you search for friends by user names or real names from other sites? Guess shit I’m gonna have to figure out over time. 5am. Time for my ass to pass out.